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J. Porter Construction is a third generation business. Started in Santa Cruz County early 1900’s, it specialized in well drilling. Jim Porter, current owner and operator, expanded the family business to include the specialty services of Hydrology, Erosion Control, Geo-Hazards, Drainage Systems and retaining walls.

Jim became aware of recurring pattern of repairs needed by his clients during our rainy seasons. These were usually due to poorly designed drainage systems resulting in erosion, flooding and even landslides. He took his years of experience in hydrology and construction to create a business helping builders avoid future problems and homeowners to solve their current erosion and drainage difficulties.

J. Porter Construction has built an impressive reputation for expert advice, cost effective solutions and unique designs that are efficient and pleasing to the eye. Jim consults with engineers, builders, geo-technical firms and even the State Fish and Game Department in order to take into account the natural features of the land and local weather patterns.


Jim believes in doing the job right the first time and in going the extra mile to insure a quality job. Often he is called out to repair existing drainage systems that were built according to code, but did not take into account our sometimes extreme weather conditions. Jim believes in designing and building beyond what the code requires when necessary such as using a larger-size pipe to handle a heavy run off or of higher quality to last decades beyond what the code calls for.


Every problem has a unique solution that takes into account what type of soil, topography and existing structures that may be affected. Whether your drainage solution calls for a French, Curtain or Grate drain, J. Porter Construction is the leading expert in Santa Cruz County for drainage systems. And ask about their Rainwater Recovery systems! They can help with the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for gardens, livestock, irrigation, etc.


Potential problems often become apparent only during the construction process. J. Porter Construction’s knowledge and experience allows them to solve such problems and provide workable and cost effective solutions. This ensures an excellent job, avoids spending more money than needed and saves time.

Many homes in Santa Cruz County are built on hillsides. No matter if the property or foundation is on a slight or on a steep slope, erosion control is a crucial factor in protecting the building and the land. Jim’s Company builds solid retaining walls whether holding back a mountainside, or preserving a creek bank. Porter’s expertise leaves their clients with peace of mind.


For practical, aesthetic solutions J. Porter Construction will do an excellent job with the appearance you want because Jim’s Company also designs and builds stone patios, concrete walkways and wood decks.

Jim Porter and his crew have a legion of happy, satisfied customers who all note what a pleasure it was working with Jim’s Company. From industry to expertise to accurate bids and a caring attitude J. Porter Construction excels; the testimonials form their clients says it all.


Anyone who is planning to build a home would be wise to give J. Porter Construction a call first for a trustworthy design of your drainage and retaining systems. If you are having problems with erosion, water or moisture around or under your home or unstable foundation issues, give them a call. Jim Porter will be happy to help you find the right solution.


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